Involved in an accident caused by someone else?

Involved in an accident caused by someone else?

Your car accident attorney in Tulsa, OK

Car accidents unfortunately happen daily, with over 5 million car accidents each year. An unfortunate truth is that people can and are injured in these accidents each day, though you should remain protected in the event that you are involved in an accident that you did not cause. Let us help you during motor vehicle accident cases in Tulsa, OK, we will help you seek compensation regardless of the severity of the case.

We will help you, help represent you in court, help you protect your interests during settlement negotiations for motor vehicle accident cases including but not limited to the following cases: drunk driving, intersection collisions and or distracted or inattentive driving.
In the event that you were involved in an accident, we recommend you take the following steps:

  • Stay calm and contact law enforcement immediately.
  • If applicable, take images of the damages to your car from the other vehicle.
  • If you were injured, wait for an ambulance to arrive to help.
  • If speaking with the other party or parties, do not admit fault or wrongdoing.

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