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If you find yourself in the midst of one of the hundreds of car accidents that happen in Tulsa and our state every day, the most important thing is not to panic. Even if the situation is severe and frightening, remain as calm as you can for as long as you can.

First, look to see who is injured, and call emergency medical assistance right away. Next, contact the police to make an accident report. Take pictures if you are able, and exchange information with the other driver or drivers. When these things are taken care of, contact Lloyd Benedict as your auto accident attorney, and we will set up a free consultation.

Remember, the most important thing after a vehicle accident is to ensure that all medical attention is obtained. Even if everyone looks okay, it is best to have a professional make certain that’s the case.

When you talk to the insurance company, do not give them a statement. It is best to talk to your auto accident lawyer before saying or signing anything. Also, do not let the other driver simply hand cash over to you. If possible, we will come to you quickly, and help to ensure that you do not compromise yourself in any way.

Experiencing an automobile accident can be quite a shaking trauma. Let Benedict Law come to your aid and help you get through the initial stage of the challenge. Call us right away to set up a free consultation, and stay safe out there!